Welcome to the Buderim Medical Centre


Due to current Coronavirus infection concerns, we are now offering Telehealth consultations. These can be conducted by phone or video conference and are booked as usual by appointment. If it is determined, during the Telehealth consultation, that there is a need for a face to face visit, this can be subsequently arranged by the doctor.

Our rooms are open during the normal hours. Vaccinations are still being offered and we have received our flu vaccination stocks. It is important that other general health issues are not ignored, as it is easy for these to become overshadowed by all the current concerns about Coronavirus. We understand that these changes have taken place very rapidly, but the safety of our patients is our greatest priority.

Buderim Medical Centre is a fully accredited non-corporate family medical practice.

Our aim is to provide the highest standard of community medical care, with five doctors, three nurses and three receptionists.

We avoid corporate-style rapid turnover medicine, preferring a closer doctor-patient relationship and a more thorough analysis of medical problems.

New patients may complete the new patient paperwork prior to your first visit to assist with your registration.